The COSIMO team has been at the forefront of innovation and value creation for early stage companies over the past 25 years. As technology pioneers, we have developed products used by hundreds of millions of users every day and have created many firsts: from the first commercially available financial service on the Internet to the first Internet push notification. We are technology pioneers resolute in our mission to help emerging entrepreneurs build legendary companies.


Patrons of great creators. Meet our team.

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Steven Segal

Ken Lang

Managing Partner, Chief Technology Officer

Ken Lang

Ken is a technology visionary and inventor. He is a pioneer in AI and machine learning and invented search-engine methodology and collaborative filtering (e.g. if you like this, you will like that). Ken has successfully developed and commercialized technology throughout his career. As COO of Keane Advisors, he developed new algorithms and technology for trading, asset allocation and private equity. Ken served as CTO of Vringo (renamed Form Holdings NASDAQ:FH) and served on the Board of Directors while teaching as Adjunct Professor of New York University. He developed and founded WiseWire, where he served as CEO, CTO and board member. After WiseWire was sold to Lycos, he served as Lycos’ CTO.

Experience and Achievement Highlights
  • Invented over 40 patents, two of which were successfully proven in U.S. District Court to be responsible for over 20% of Google’s revenue
  • Graduated second in his class from Duke University with Bachelor degrees in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics
  • Holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University
  • Invented a gaming “holodeck”-style technology and started a company to commercialize it, which successfully completed an Initial Public Offering

Rob Frasca

Managing Partner

Rob Frasca

Passion is critical to success and therefore my first priority in everything I do is to create enduring passion. I do this with enthusiasm, drive but most of all solid, experienced LEADERSHIP. Passionate people constantly seek new challenges and opportunities to drive their performance to new levels. For passionate people, achieving their full potential has little meaning. They see that their potential is constantly being expanded by new possibilities.

Passion is about Pursuit. It is not passive. People with passion are driven to pursue and create. They may read books and observe others, but they are not content being bystanders. They feel an overwhelming urge to engage, to experience for themselves and to test their own capabilities. Passion compels us to act.

Passion leads us to seek out and connect with others sharing our passion. We intuitively understand that the best way for us to advance is to connect with and learn from others. I strive to “always connect the dots” in everything I do.


Rob is an online pioneer, experienced entrepreneur & proven product leader that has successfully developed and launched over 50-market leading products. He built 3 venturebacked start-ups with successful exits. Rob sold his first company in 1995, pre-Yahoo to Intuit and sold his second company to Lycos, where he became VP & GM of the number 2 Internet portal at that time. His third company is currently a market leader within its space, achieving exceptional year-over-year growth for the last 12 years.

Rob is a metrics-driven senior exec with successful 20-year track record of exceptional product vision. He is extremely creative, passionate manager that is experienced building and inspiring teams of product rockstars, delivering top products. Seasoned in bringing products to market for rapid adoption with demonstrated success establishing strategy and vision, Rob has exceptional strength in consumer online services, mobile app dev and advertising. He is considered an expert in user acquisition with deep understanding of every aspect of product management, UI design, E-commerce, paid search, SEO, affiliates marketing, mobile app development and social media.

Experience and Achievement Highlights
  • Developed and launched Bobsled for T-Mobile, a Top 10 mobile comm app
  • VP and GM directly reporting to CEO at top 3 public Internet company, managing all of the
    core dotcom services. 5 product marketing/management groups, engineering, operations,
    and online media, containing over 25 products and 350 employees
  • CEO of 4 and Senior Exec at 3 venture backed start-ups. Seasoned seed, series A-D executive
  • Raised over $50 million in venture capital, 3 sell side & 5 buy side transactions
  • Pioneer and product visionary, has been in the online market since 1993, bringing 50+
    products to market. From the Internets first financial service, online clubs, and Mp3 search
    engine, to virtual goods and iPhone development platforms
  • Demonstrated and proven ability to manage and market technology products through their
    entire life cycle

Ciarán Hynes

Managing Partner

Ciaran Hynes



Ciarán is a serial entrepreneur who brings hands-on transatlantic experience to the COSIMO Team. He has over ten years of deep tech market experience and has worked closely with COSIMO’s portfolio companies Gecko, locatible, Nova Leah and Oneiro to help them develop their US infrastructure and expand into the US market. Ciarán leverages his extensive network of “pro-Irish” investors, advisors, government agencies and business leaders throughout the US to bring strategic benefits to these organizations. He is involved in many regional business organizations and sits on the US Board of the UCD/Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business.

Ciarán is a proven CEO, operational maven and innovative marketer who has founded and secured funding for many successful start-ups. He was the founder and CEO of Ovation, now part of the hugely successful and global MCI Group where he made a successful exit. He also served as Founder and First Chairman of the Dublin Convention Bureau and was one of the pioneering lobbyists for the Dublin Convention Centre. Ciarán has won international awards and has spoken at many prestigious conferences and events, and enjoys applying his business, marketing and international experience to help build successful companies in the technology sector.

Experience and Achievement Highlights
  • Founded 7 Companies and served as CEO of 5 of those companies
  • Finalized 2 Sell side exits/4 buy side transactions
  • Brought over 25 products/services to market
  • Raised over $100m in Venture and Corporate Capital
  • Served as Board Director at over 20 companies
  • Received ICCA International Marketing Award Winner
  • Completed the Dublin City Marathon

Connor Cantwell

Partner – Europe

Connor Cantwell

Connor is a proven business leader with a track record of growing businesses and delivering for stakeholders, in both national and multi-country environments. At age 27, he was appointed Managing Director of Nielsen Ireland and subsequently joined the Nielsen European Executive Board with functional responsibility across 40+ countries. Connor founded and subsequently sold 20-20 Insights, an award-winning software and analytics company with a clearly defined value proposition and tailored value chain. He then established Centauri Technologies with investment and operational activities across a portfolio of Irish technology companies in mobile, business intelligence and social media. His passion for new products, personnel development and his strong commercial experience enabled these companies go to market and launch in the US and Europe. He brings a high degree of strategic thinking and an understanding of what it takes to make a business successful.

Experience and Achievement Highlights
  • Founder and CEO of 20-20 insights sold to Swiss Post
  • MD in 3 Nielsen countries. 9 years at European board level in various Commercial roles covering 40+ countries, $650-million budget, $100 +million in continuous RFP management and management of 600+ people
  • Investor and operational involvement in Mobile, Social Media and Business Intelligence startups
  • Pro-bono mentor for innovation centers and incubators

Jeff Parker

COSIMO Advisor


Jeff has an extensive history of success as an entrepreneur, CEO and investor in financial services companies over the past 30 years. Jeff has been involved with dozens of investment transactions, companies he has either created, bought or sold with a combined value of over half a billion dollars. He brings a keen operating perspective to COSIMO Ventures, as well as a wealth of financial expertise and an extended network of domestic and international business contacts.

Jeff is a Venture Partner at GrandBanks Capital in Boston and Chairman of the Board of MainstreamData in SLC. He is a member of the Board of Directors of KnowledgeVision (Bedford, MA), Flypsi, Inc (Boston), TruePic, Inc (La Jolla, CA), and EidoSearch (Toronto). Jeff also holds strategic advisor positions at RoseView Partners (Boston), WhistleGroup (Boston), NetBlazr (Boston), Plataypi (Birmingham, AL), L2 Summit Fund (Boston), FlowPoint Capital (Boston) and Wall Street Horizons (Woburn, MA).

Experience and Achievement Highlights
  • Founded Technical Data Corporation and First Call Corporation, which were later sold to International Thomson (now Thomson Reuters)
  • Became Chairman and CEO of Thomson Financial
  • Co-founded and developed Street Events, which was sold to Thomson Reuters
  • Named Cornell University’s Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Recognized by Ernst & Young as the 2003 New England Entrepreneur of the Year, Financial Services category
  • Inducted into Inside Market Data’s Hall of Fame
  • Trustee Emeritas of Cornell University and founder of the Parker Center for Investment Research at the Johnson School
  • Inducted into the Cornell University Johnson School Hall of Honor, the school’s highest award

Steven Segal



Steven G. Segal, is an Executive-in-Residence/Lecturer at Boston University’s Questrom School of Business where he developed and teaches a graduate level course in private equity and leverage buyouts. He is also a Special Limited Partner of J.W. Childs Associates, where he helps guide the strategic direction of several of the firm’s portfolio companies through his role as a director and is a co-investor with the firm. He has provided expert court-room testimony in multi-million dollar litigation for third parties.

In 1995, Mr. Segal was a co-founding partner of J.W. Childs Associates, a Boston-based private equity investment firm that raised $3.5 billion of equity capital from 1996-2006. The firm focuses on investing in middle-market growth companies, primarily in the consumer products, health care services and specialty retail sectors. During this period, the firm completed more than 40 transactions with a total transaction value in excess of $11 billion.

In his capacities at the firm, Mr. Segal had broad responsibilities for raising capital from leading institutional investors, and for originating, analyzing, negotiating, financing and managing leveraged buyout transactions. Mr. Segal was actively involved in the strategic and financial policy of several of the firm’s portfolio companies and in the investment decision process for all of the firm’s investments.

Mr. Segal was previously a Managing Director at Thomas H. Lee Company, a Boston-based private equity investment firm, from 1987 to 1995 where he had similar responsibilities.

Experience and Achievement Highlights
  • Serves or has served on the Board of Directors of The NutraSweet Company; W/S Packaging Corp.; InSight Health Services, Inc.; Universal Hospital Services, Inc; Quality Farm & Country, Inc.; Jillian’s Entertainment Corp.; International DiverseFoods, Inc.; National Nephrology Associates, Inc.; Big V Supermarkets, Inc.; Maax, Inc.; General Nutrition Centers (GNC), Inc.; Ghirardelli Chocolate Company; Fitness Quest, Inc.; Round Grille, Inc. (d/b/a FiRE + iCE);
  • Advisory Board of NextView Ventures, a seed stage venture capital firm in Boston.