As a next-generation venture capital fund, COSIMO X takes advantage of blockchain technologies to offer investors a new and improved way to invest.

Economic interests in COSIMO X are available through the purchase of COSIMO Tokens. These are indirect, digitized interests in the Fund.

How to acquire COSIMO Tokens


Complete subscription process

Investors interested in purchasing COSIMO Tokens must obtain and read the Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) for COSIMO X, available upon registration and complete the Subscription Form. To get started, please click on the “Invest Now” button below.


Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Compliance

Securitize – a digital security compliance platform – will walk you through a quick and easy identification and accreditation process online. This process protects investors and ensures the integrity of the fund. All potential investors must provide such information to COSIMO X as set forth in the Subscription Form to allow the Fund to conduct its required KYC and AML analysis and to otherwise confirm that the investor satisfies other suitability requires as the Fund may require from time to time. COSIMO X reserves the right to reject any investment in its sole discretion.


Purchase digital security tokens

Send US dollars, Euros, Ethererum (ETH), or Bitcoin (BTC) to COSIMO X and obtain economic interests in the fund in the form of COSIMO Tokens. You can make purchases through our website or privately.


Hold in treasury or open an ERC-20 Wallet

After Securitize has confirmed you, you will be asked if you want to hold your tokens in the Securitize treasury or alternatively , you can hold your COSIMO Tokens in your own digital wallet.
From ownership onward

The initial offering price of each COSIMO Token was$1.00. As a fund owner, you will be granted access to our independently audited, quarterly Net Asset Value (NAV) which is published here. The price per COSIMO Token going forward will be based on its NAV and may be more or less than $1.00.

Net proceeds from COSIMO Token sales are used by COSIMO X to meet Fund expenses and to invest in portfolio companies in accordance with the Fund’s investment policies.

Following applicable lockup periods and subject to applicable ongoing trading restrictions, COSIMO Token holders may be able to sell COSIMO Tokens to other investors who satisfy the Fund’s investor criteria on regulated trading platforms and exchanges.

COSIMO X Tokens are also available from these registered Digital Asset Broker Dealers and Security Exchanges.